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​UV Light Disinfection Solutions for Hospitals | Lighting and Supplies
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​UV Light Disinfection Solutions for Hospitals

Many industries in the world, like healthcare and hospitals, are now realizing the advantages of protecting their valuable patients, and they tend to prevent infections with the use of UV light disinfection. A hospital is a place where we see so many infections daily, and there is a high risk of getting infected from anything. So the best solution came up as ultraviolet light.

UV or ultraviolet light is holding the greatest powers of germicidal properties in that UVC range. This is specifically from the 254m wavelength. UV lights are electromagnetic radiations emitted from the dun in the long waves of UVA, medium waves of UVB, and short waves of UVC radiations. They are all absorbed entirely by the ozone layer.

What does UV Light Disinfection do?

UV light manufactures have the skills to create UVC radiations with the use of germicidal lamps. They are all proven to have powerful properties related to disinfection. Most of the UVC lamps we see are used for air, water, and surface applications. They are used for sterilizing and disinfecting large amounts of bacteria and viruses quickly.

UVC radiations which are emitted through the UV germicidal lamps are penetrating the cells of microorganisms. And these are making these cells to be non-viable and to become unable to reproducing and infects patients. UVC germicidal lights are increasing their use, especially within healthcare settings and hospitals. This happens because those products are providing extra protection against infections and the super bug’s transmission.

Usage of UV Light Disinfection within Hospital Sections

Usually, it is very common to see that one patient from 25 develops an infection because of their hospital stay. A study conducted for this has proven that UV light disinfection can eliminate these kinds of harmful pathogens up to 97.7% within the operating rooms. As infections are causing billions of money for the treatments and driving nearly 100,000 annual deaths, a UV light will always be a solution for this problem.

The hospital administrators and healthcare organizations are taking notes of UV lights’ effectiveness and cost savings for disinfecting hospitals with some mobile UVC robots or wall-mounted units. It is getting very popular with UV robots these days within the hospitals as they can roam from one place to another for disinfecting. They are also disinfecting the patients with wall-mounted units within restrooms, and they can be set up for automatic engagement once the door has been closed.

UV lights are also used in the hospitals’ cooling and heating systems for purifying and disinfecting purposes. So they are cleaning the air within the hospitals where people have a high risk of being vulnerable to illness.

When patients are acquiring infections, according to the type of the infection, it can be a very devastating situation to lead them to stay so long in hospitals. They might need intensive care, which can sometimes lead to losing their lives as these infections are getting severe to be treated. So UV lights are killing these types of superbugs and other types of infects and helping the hospital reduce those superbugs transmissions.

For example, we can take Duke University as they are using the UV light disinfection machines at their university hospital. They have been beneficial to this hospital to reduce their virus transmissions and improve the health of their patients. When UV light disinfection is combined with the regular cleaning routines at hospitals, it provides better protection against those harmful diseases causing germs. The spreading of these germs may stop, which are left on the operating rooms and the hospital patients.

UV Light Disinfection for the Hospital

Lightningandsupplies.com is the leading UVC germicidal lights distributor in Baltimore, and they are providing the highest quality light products for supporting hospital sections of all sizes. We are from Lighting and Supplies.com is offering our customers a massive selection of lights used for many sterilization applications, and they are included with the germ clearing functions at hospitals. We have very skilled UV radiation engineers who are well experienced in designing prototype solutions and custom material designs.

Plusrite’s technology includes a long life span of germicidal lamps and comes with improved safety and the ability to eliminate the possibilities of mercury contaminations. We offer a wide selection of UV germicidal lamps with bulbs to your loving customers for any application, including air, surface sterilizations, and water. Our UV light bulbs and germicidal lamps are included with the following:

  • Plusrite GPX9, UVC Light Bulb
  • Plusrite G36T8/TC/48 UVC T8 Lamp – 36W G13 254 nm
  • Plusrite G30T8/TC/36 UVC T8 Lamp – 30W G13 254 nm
  • Plusrite G18T8/TC/24 UVC T8 Lamp – 18W G13 254 nm
  • Plusrite G36T8/48 UVC T8 Lamp – 36W G13 254 nm 4ft
  • Plusrite G30T8/36 UVC T8 Lamp – 30W G13 254 nm 3ft
  • Plusrite G18T8/24 UVC T8 Lamp – 18W G13 254 nm 2ft

These all light sources offer the highest quality germicidal lamps, which are used to sterilize the applications included with the following applications:

Water Sterilizations

  • Drinking water
  • Water treatment plants
  • Water reclamations
  • Aquariums
  • Pools
  • Life sciences
  • Spas
  • Systems of ballast water treatments

Surface Sterilizations

  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Daycare centers
  • Food buffets
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Medical supply manufactures
  • Food irradiations

Air Purifications

  • Hospital air disinfections
  • Air purification applications on industrial and commercial
  • Healthcare hospitals
  • Ozone disinfection for the odor control

Advantages of UV Light Disinfection within Hospitals

1.) It is non-toxic

This is greatest advantage that we will earn within a hospital. It is unlike a chemical we used for cleaning and sanitization, and it would not be harsh. They are extremely friendly for even the allergy persons, and most importantly, it is not a chemical one.

2.) So much effective on disinfection

This method is so much more effective than other traditional methods, and it can kill thousands of harmful organisms quickly. UV disinfection is a dry method, and it will take care of each disinfect that it can touch.

3.) UV light disinfection is killing the Pathogens without the immunity

Since the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a considerable problem to the medical sector, this will be a moist prominent physical way of killing bacteria. As a result, bacteria will not have a chance to build immunity, which is a massive plus for the health care sector.

4.) It is affordable

This is an affordable method for sanitization and automatically becomes a cost-effective method for the health sector. Rather than spending heavy budgets for additional types of sanitization processes, this is not requiring a severe budget. When there is a one-time UV light disinfection technology investment, it saves time and money for years.

5.) UV light disinfection method is very safe.

If you are using this technology properly, there is no other thing safer than this, UV lights are less likely to harm the chemicals you use. This will not penetrate the eyes or human skills, and it cannot pass through the living skills we see on the skin.

6.) It doesn’t have to be portable.

You can install these easily for any room at the hospitals and can be used whenever needed. So you can disinfect your rooms at any time you want.

7.) Easiness

UV lights are very easy and working very quickly. Anyone can maintain and use these things without facing a lot harder. Once installed, you will only need an annual service and will not require any storage, transportations, or toxic handling.


UV Light disinfection methods are commonly used in hospitals because they are very effective and non-harmful. It is essential to secure the wellbeing of patients, and for the best and safest method, this would be the ideal one for the hospitals.

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