Blacklight Blue Bulbs vs. Black Lights

blacklight blue bulb tube light

A majority of people are familiar with the special effect of what we commonly call black lights. When everything else is dark, a black light makes certain objects glow in the dark. This is because certain objects “fluoresce” under ultraviolet (UV) light, which is what is emitted by black light. When we talk about black […]

Breaking Down Commercial Lighting Needs by Industry

inside a mens retail store

Lighting is a critical component of any commercial space, and the needs of each industry can vary greatly. In this article, we will break down the specific lighting needs of various industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and industrial, and explore how to effectively meet those needs. Retail Lighting The Importance of Good Lighting in Retail […]

What Is Human-Centric Lighting?

Have you heard the buzz around human-centric lighting? Most lighting professionals know about the hype about human-centric lighting, or HCL. But what is it, exactly? And, what does lighting have to do with our health? Some people think of it as a young technology because so much about how it affects human health is still […]

​UV Light Disinfection Solutions for Hospitals

Many industries in the world, like healthcare and hospitals, are now realizing the advantages of protecting their valuable patients, and they tend to prevent infections with the use of UV light disinfection. A hospital is a place where we see so many infections daily, and there is a high risk of getting infected from anything. So the […]

UVC Lighting’s Impact in a Post-COVID Work Environment

As a society, we are all more aware of the health risks associated with COVID than ever before. This is especially true in occupational environments where employees may be exposed to high levels of COVID regularly. Businesses can help reduce exposure by replacing traditional lighting sources in their offices with UVC lighting, which kills most airborne […]

HVAC Systems Moving Towards Bacteria-Killing UVC Technology

If there’s anything the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it is that the world is an exceedingly dirty place. We invested in antibacterial wipes, bleach solutions, washed our hands while counting to 20 Mississippi, and bought enough hand sanitizer to own stock in Purell. But what about the very air we breathe? At, we kept […]

Separating facts from Myth – HVAC & UV Bacterial Killing Lighting

Technician uses a thermal imaging infrared thermometer to check the condensing unit heat exchanger

The HVAC technician who services your home or office building can suggest that you install ultraviolet (UV) lights within your system. What is the purpose of this inquiry? Certain UV lights can help to minimize or eliminate microorganisms from circulating in your home or office’s ductwork. Ultraviolet light waves have a wavelength range of 0 to 400 […]

​Are Ultraviolet Sanitizing Lights Safe for Humans?

Ultraviolet Sanitizing Lights became urgent and needful due to the novel COVID-19 Coronavirus breakout worldwide in 2020. In order to prevent the spread of the novel virus and other viruses, organizations began to install Ultraviolet Sanitizing Lights. While this initiative was a welcome idea and applauded by all as it is observed to be effective […]

UVC & UVA Bacteria-Killing Lighting for 2021

A photo of doctors cabinet with quartz bactericidal lamp, chair and couch in it, closed curtains and dim light. Might be used as a background for your website or for any of your own purposes.

What is Ultraviolet Light? Ultraviolet light is responsible for suntans, sunburns and it’s an impressive germ killer. It’s a technology that has to be used with extreme care by trained professionals. Improper handling of UVC lights not only kills bacteria but causes cellular DNA damage to skin cells. UV light shares many characteristics with visible light, except […]

Flat Panel Light Applications – Commercial, Retail Stores & Offices

Your retail and office space can significantly benefit from using the best panel light for aesthetic or functional purposes. Since your office space is a commercial place that brings you income, finding the best-LED panel light that fits in for your customers or visitors is right. Making the right choice on the type of light […]