​UV Light Disinfection Solutions for Hospitals

Many industries in the world, like healthcare and hospitals, are now realizing the advantages of protecting their valuable patients, and they tend to prevent infections with the use of UV light disinfection. A hospital is a place where we see so many infections daily, and there is a high risk of getting infected from anything. So the […]

UVC Lighting’s Impact in a Post-COVID Work Environment

As a society, we are all more aware of the health risks associated with COVID than ever before. This is especially true in occupational environments where employees may be exposed to high levels of COVID regularly. Businesses can help reduce exposure by replacing traditional lighting sources in their offices with UVC lighting, which kills most airborne […]

HVAC Systems Moving Towards Bacteria-Killing UVC Technology

If there’s anything the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it is that the world is an exceedingly dirty place. We invested in antibacterial wipes, bleach solutions, washed our hands while counting to 20 Mississippi, and bought enough hand sanitizer to own stock in Purell. But what about the very air we breathe? At Lightingandsupplies.com, we kept […]