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5 Tips for Styling Christmas Lighting Design at Home
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5 Tips for Styling Christmas Lighting Design in the Home

Christmas lights are here and our own home knows it. This is the season where we don’t only recharge our spirit with joy but we also embrace the opportunity to decorate the place we live with all the December magic.

Of course, the Christmas tree and window’s light are very important, but doors are also an element that deserves spotlight until Santa Claus arrives.

December is the most beautiful time of the year, it brings us nostalgic memories sometimes and because this is my first year spending it alone, I still wanted to keep with family traditions and make my home feel a place that embodies joy.

Decorating your home space with Christmas lights for this date is important and there are many objects and styles of decorations that exist and you can use in your home to emboss every corner with the Christmas spirit.

Top 5 Christmas Light Ideas for the home
  1. String lights: Wrap string lights around doorways, windows, and railings for a classic Christmas look.
  2. Projector lights: Project Christmas-themed patterns onto the exterior of your home for a unique and festive display.
  3. Lighted garland: Use lighted garland to decorate the banister or mantel for a warm and inviting look.
  4. Outdoor tree lights: Decorate the trees in your yard with colorful lights for a spectacular display.
  5. Inflatable decorations: Add some fun to your outdoor display with inflatable Christmas decorations such as Santa Claus, reindeer, or snowmen.
  6. LED candles: Place battery-operated LED candles in windows for a warm and inviting look.

Where to Put Christmas Lights at Home

Christmas Light Decorations for Windows

In my case, I want to add a red lamp or this one close to my window placed at the middle that looks centered to look beautiful when having Christmas theme stickers at the side like snowflakes, trees, sled, etc.

In case you don’t want to glue anything to the wall, you can make up your own designs with creativity, paper and a pair of scissors.

Another idea is to use LED lights so you can make a few SnowFlakes with them which will look original and cute. (Make sure the LED lights are moldable)

If you want your windows with trees, you can create several mini Christmas trees with old popsicle sticks or even kitchen ones. This one you can glue them with silicon and add ribbons to it, sequins or whatever you want, even create garlands.

Christmas light boxes, make some little boxes to decorate, you can accompany them with stars or Christmas spheres. Use strong yarn or wool, use clothes hangers, the little Christmas tree, some spheres, stars and everything you can add to it.

For a simpler alternative you could use some garland lights in a way that they hang a Little bit and accompany them with Christmas cushions and in the middle you put a candle with flowers or pines.

Living Room Christmas Lights

This lamp gives a cute touch to your home and even more if you have a chimney. Make a garland with Candy sticks and add framed family photos, add some Christmas lights to hang a little, pair this activity with cookies and a hot coco.

Little Christmas tree stuck to the wall with lights, something easier and that will not take you lots of time, if you want you can add a star and whatever little decoration you’ll like.

Do you have a spare pair of old wooden stairs at your home? With this idea they can be very helpful, transforming them into a Christmas Tree, if they state it’s too poor you can paint them white and style it to your taste.

It’s time to bring up your collection of Christmas cups, show them in your shelf along a Christmas path and lights, they will look astonishing.

For more complex stuff, make a Christmas Tree with Wood cylinders, tie them at the top, at the bottom add a base to keep them together, this one you can decorate with strip lights and Christmas balls.

If the place you’re living has a lot of books then use them, shape them as pyramids with each on top of each other and adjust until you get a size you’re satisfied with. You can décor this Book Tree with lights being very careful and at the top, put a star.

Transform the Corners into Christmas!

Use big gift boxes, find yourself a clear and thin fabric that lets you see through it, support it with some tall sticks that will ease the covering, remember to add the lights before gluing the fabric completely, finally add a ribbon and it’s, you can combine this boxes with every part and your décor and fit perfectly.

Christmas Tree with yarn, on a nail fixed on the wall tied the yarn and deciding which size you want, let’s say it’s going to have 5 levels for example, each of these you will divide it with yarn and you can write on every level a nice message with wishes for next. If you want more, you can add these LED lights, they can add a neat touch.

Put Mini yarn trees on short tables or your shelf. These are very easy to make, just help yourself with tall sticks, glue them at the top and start lining them your own way. If not, then use cardboard cones (Any size) and line them completely, add stars, shimmer stones, ribbons, what you love, you can make these mini yarn several sizes and accompany them with gifts, candy canes, socks and led lights.

Christmas Lights for the Front Door & Porch

If you want to be more sober, a nice option is using a Christmas crown with red and green colors over the main door of your home. (These coloured bulbs can perfectly fit into that) Also, you can locate a tree at the side of the entry with some ornaments also there’s people that use their outdoor plants at their advantage to make more outstanding their Christmas home entrance, with some short tables to left them over it.

Bet on green garland. On top of them, situate Christmas balls and warm lights. A fine detail of embellishment for your Christmas home entrance is using two or three headlights with candles on the inside.

Test not only changing your outdoor look, do it also inside. That way you will steal the attention from visitors especially when they’re drinking coffee inside.

Painting your door red will make it very attractive. Besides the crown, garlands and a pair of headlights, in the inferior part place gifts and baskets for your chimney woods. Would you risk it?

Lighting For the Balcony

Place lights between plants, they make your night bright.

With vintage style lights, you’ll give a more sophisticated feel to your home.

Use garland in the fence and mix it with some lights and ribbons, they will make every person look up to your terrace.

Putting it All Together

Decorate the rooms and create a warm and cozy Christmas atmosphere without going overboard.

These Christmas lights work to decorate your rooms, this tied with some ornaments in the windows will fit perfectly and look really cute in your rooms.

And always remember… everything is in the touch you want to give it, don’t limit yourself.

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