Is Your Home’s Lights Prepared for Winter?

If you watched Games of Thrones (GOT) or are fond of online memes you may have heard of this particular phrase from the famous Ned Stark Winter is Coming. Well indeed it is here and LightingandSupplies knows that December is already poking our doors at home, that also means that colder air and snowstorms are already […]

​How to Design the Best Landscape Lighting for Your Home

Most people love the outdoors and spending time in their garden. However, if you want to enjoy your yard when it gets dark, investing in landscape lighting is a must! Not only will it add beauty to any outdoor space, but it also adds security to protect your home. While it’s clear that it’s essential to add […]

Lights You Should Have In Your Gaming Room

Lighting is essential in creating the perfect atmosphere for any room in the house. This goes especially for your designated gaming room. Having the right lights set up in the gaming room gives you the opportunity to enter a world that’s just as vibrant, captivating, and immersive as any game on your console or PC. […]