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Why is Retail Store Lighting so Important?

When going to the mall or a retail store, we get distracted pretty easily with our surroundings. But what really makes us stop in a store to watch?

We may think it’s the decoration or the product that got us. But what really makes the product shine through the crystals are the lights.

They make the focus look more attractive to our sight, waking up our curiosity to enter and know what’s in.

One issue that stores can overlook is to not have good enough commercial lighting, and that can be the sole reason clients avoid your shop. That’s a big mistake.

So in order to avoid the loss of more possible customers it’s important for you to know how to light your store.

In this text we’re going to talk about some ways to get your store lighting to the next level, suggest you some lights and give you amazing tips for your store.

Retail Building Areas that Require Lighting

Lighting is the focal point at the moment of attracting clients. It’s proven that lights perceived by eyes can influence the psychology, humor, behavior and attitude of people. So it’s vital to get the attention of our clients through luminaires.

Knowing how to light a small store is also important for two big reasons. First is functionality, the need of showing the client what he’s buying without making an effort. Second, light and ambientation is fundamental to an adequate scenery.

First, don’t install lamps and lights just for the sake of it, all of it must be taken into consideration, you need to know how much energy you need, quantity of lamps you’ll use, what type of lights you need, how much intensity and the costs it will take.

To illuminate stores we need to play with light capables of making the space look bigger. That’s why it’s key to know ahead what are some of the spots you need to focus on.

A practical tip: Roof illumination creates the sensation that the store is taller, an optimal lighting of the wall will create a feeling that space is bigger.

Lighting the Front of a Retail Store

When you enter a store, the first moment, light works as a Client’s guide even before his sight is on your offers. To achieve a balanced lighting in most of the cases you need to light vertical surfaces and the shop background.

The objective of lighting the frontstore it’s to make transients stop at your store, because they are possible clients. To attract them keep in mind:

Light both the Sign and logo of your business, it’s important that both of them are lighted, this enforces brand identity. We suggest using LED fixtures or fiber optic lighting.

Use Shiny advertising signs that warn and inform clients from afar. For example: an intermittent cross usually indicates the presence of a pharmacy, or a well known brand sign eases up the orientation for the client.

Avoid strong reflectors and light effects, they can bother your public and distract drivers.

Lighting for Product Showcases

Perfect to show merchandise, a well lighted showcase always attracts the client’s attention. These are lighted from the interior to try to avoid crystal reflection.

In showcases lighting must be between three of four times stronger than nearby objects.

Brilliant light with optimal reproduction of color accentuates the exclusivity and quality of the merchandise. To show small pieces, preferably delicate one use halogen lamps and LED bulbs for better results.

Something that’ll help your store look professional is hiding the lighting devices. Disguise luminaires and the use of small devices, like the case of LED strip lights behind the showcases, or below them.

Fitting room Lighting

In the Fitting room cabin important choices are being made: To buy or not to buy? A cheerful and nice lighting will help it.

Shadows that hurt the figure are unfavorable, therefore directional lighting it’s not recommendable. Sometimes general lights are enough. In some instances installing ceiling lights that give enough light, are going to help the person in the dressing room and be more comfortable.

The Product

Good outdoor lighting is relevant for sales in your store. For example: Centering all light attention to your products can be decisive for clients to end up buying or not.

To better highlight an item use directional lighting or accent, this will draw clients attention for the shape of the object, it’s texture, colour, etc.

While using accent illumination achieve a second effect with reflected light on shiny surfaces. The reflection will create a twinkling effect, this highlights crystals, glassware and objects alike. Don’t forget to illuminate vertical surfaces.

Be aware of distance. Lamps emit visible rays, but also other frequencies like infrared and ultraviolet that could damage the product. A factor to take into account when choosing lamps.

To remember. It’s important to choose the matching tone, (opting for light dimmer lamps is a plus you could adapt to the lighting needs as day progresses).

Projectors and luminaires are identified by a symbol that shows the minimum distance between the device and lighted surface. You can fix this through filters.


Remember that a good light arrangement will expose your product well and also contribute to your brand image, part of what will determine your business success.

The client studies the elements that interest him. If it’s a clothing store, he would want to see what type of fabric it has, size and price.

If it’s a tech store they would want to see components and devices.

If it’s a grocery store, the offers. If it’s a lighting store they would want the lights and bulbs that stand out.

You know the drill… That’s why lighting in stores it’s a determinant effect. Sometimes, one or two lights is enough, in small stores , but maybe you own a coffee place , then it’s different.

Beyond light lamp tones, color reproduction provided by luminaires design and light distributed along shadows will highlight textures that are a vital part of your decoration.

Always remember that offering a positive purchase experience is key for the client to not only leave charmed but also coming back.

Has any of this info helped you on your lighting store adventure? If that’s the case, great but any doubt you have, feel free to call us or contact us.

Here at Lighting And Supplies, we can give you guidance on your project or any doubt you have, maybe for a lamp or what LED strip light is better for your showcase.

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Helping our commercial and industrial customers save energy and money by using safe, efficient LED lighting for their facilities.

Contact us for a quote today!


Need Lights? Get a Fast Quote from Lighting & Supplies Today!

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