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Hydraulic pressure pipes and connection fittings of construction machinery or industrial equipment system

What are AN Fittings? AN Fitting Sizes Explained

AN fittings, also known as Army-Navy fittings, are an essential component in various industries including automotive, aerospace, and motorsports. The unique design of AN fittings features

oil refinery hazardous location area lights

What are Hazardous Area Location Lights?

What are Hazardous Area Location Lights? Hazardous area location lights, also known as explosion-proof lights, are lighting fixtures designed to operate in environments that contain

different types of dimmers

What are ELV Dimmers and How do they Work?

What are ELV Dimmers ELV dimmers are electronic low-voltage dimmers that are designed to work with light fixtures that use electronic transformers. These dimmers work

String lights hanging outside porch

What Is Kelvin Color Temperature?

Did you know that the hottest thing in the universe is the surface of a dead star in the Red Spider Nebula which is around


The Ultimate Christmas Light Clips Guide

Did you know that Christmas lights are responsible for nearly 800 house fires annually? Faulty wiring is often to blame. Faulty wiring can happen with cheap

woman in the street looking up at Christmas lights while snowing

How to Make Custom Christmas Lights

Santa Claus may be coming to town, but even he won’t be able to compete with your business for attention when you get done decorating it

small light bulb pointing sideways

What Are Lumens in Lighting?

How can you change the feel of a room in a second? With the right lighting. A bright, cheerful light can make a room feel

Tons of multi colored lights in a tunnel

How to Troubleshoot LED Light Strips

They’re bright. They give off a pure white light. And they can offer you impressive energy efficiency. LED strip lights are an easy-to-use lighting solution for

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