Outdoor Christmas Light ideas for the Roof

icicle christmas lights hanging from roof gutter

Do you want to make sure your roof Christmas lights stand out from the competition? Then you should consider some fun new ideas for your LED Christmas lights. There are many things you can do with roof light colors and patterns. But where should you start? What kind of theme should you choose? Keep reading and learn […]

Soft White vs. Bright White vs. Daylight Bulbs

Different color temp comparisons warm neutral cool

Before the invention of the light bulb, people resorted to using candles and oil lanterns to create usable and portable illumination. If you didn’t have the financial resources for those options, you’d rely on the fireplace, the moon, or nothing at all. That’s why light bulbs have been one of our most important inventions in […]

Is Your Home’s Lights Prepared for Winter?

If you watched Games of Thrones (GOT) or are fond of online memes you may have heard of this particular phrase from the famous Ned Stark Winter is Coming. Well indeed it is here and Lighting and Supplies knows that December is already poking our doors at home, that also means that colder air and snowstorms […]