Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting

undercabinet lights above kitchen counter

Picture this: you’ve just renovated your home, perhaps with new cabinetry and brand-new countertops. That’s good and well, but it all goes to waste if you don’t have the proper lighting products. Lighting is an essential component of interior design. Good residential lighting draws attention to the strongest features of your home and makes the space […]

How to Properly Light Every Room in Your Home

Lighting your home or residence in a rational, decorative, and pleasant way is the best you can do to enjoy your own space to the fullest. And that’s because decorating is much more than filling a space with furniture and accessories. It’s learning how to play with color, illuminate environments and adapt each element to […]

DIY Under Cabinet Lighting for Indoor & Outdoor Kitchens

Covered patio with beautiful sunset view

Under Cabinet Lighting for Indoor & Outdoor Kitchens If you are in the middle of remodeling or updating your kitchen, you’ve probably considered installing under cabinet lighting. This type of lighting can be very beneficial for everyday use, as well as go a long way when it comes to increasing the overall value of your home. […]