13 Low-Cost Ways to Upgrade Fluorescent Light Fixtures to LED

A fluorescent light set in the roof

The use of fluorescent lights has fallen by over 50% since 2015. As technological advances in lighting lead to more efficient light sources, finding ways to upgrade fixtures becomes more important. Fluorescent light fixtures are a popular choice for many commercial properties and residential buildings, but they can often look outdated and dull. Upgrading your fluorescent […]

The Different Kinds of Light Bulbs Explained

set of Light Bulb LED CFL Fluorescent isolated on white background

LED, CFL, HID—finding the best light bulbs online for a building or room isn’t always easy with so many options. Plus, you have to consider the difference between lumens and watts, the color temperature, whether you want regular bulbs or smart technology, and so on. Lighting is crucial to both increasing the functionality of an […]

Everything You Need to Know About Tube Lights

used fluorescent bulbs

LED tube lights are one of the most versatile lighting available today. They are also widely popular because they are install-friendly and well suited for the application. LED lights are appreciated for their variety and flexibility. When larger LED tube lights are put together, they can create bright light running across a vast space. The varying features of […]

The Differences between Tube Lights: T2, T4, T5, T8 and T18

Tube Light Bulb Sizes, Shapes and Types Regardless of the rapt conversion from linear fluorescent lighting to LED lighting, there are still people who still actively use fluorescent tubes for their light fixtures and seek better ways to make choices within the same frame of their choice. The efficiency of your commercial lighting is substantially dependent on the size […]