How to Troubleshoot LED Light Strips

Tons of multi colored lights in a tunnel

They’re bright. They give off a pure white light. And they can offer you impressive energy efficiency. LED strip lights are an easy-to-use lighting solution for almost any situation and can turn up any lighting design project. They don’t require much of any technical know-how, and they’re an affordable, long-term option. However, even the best LED […]

Light Bulb Guide: The Best Bulbs for Your Chandelier

Are you tired of looking for the perfect light bulbs for your chandelier? If so, a quick light bulb guide to help you find the perfect bulb is what you need. The chandelier light bulb strikes the ideal mix between beauty and utility when it comes to lighting. But, with so many different kinds of […]

What Are the Differences Between 40 and 60 Watt Light Bulbs?

Choosing light bulbs may seem like a simple task to do without much thought; however, there are some important things to consider when making this common purchase. Do you know about the energy output or brightness level of the light bulbs you’ve been buying? Do you know the differences between the most popular light bulb […]