A Guide To Industrial Warehouse Lighting

Adequate warehouse lighting is a critical aspect of any type of warehouse. A warehouse that is too dark is dangerous and it can cause accidents. A warehouse that has too much light can be a problem as well. Both people and equipment need to be able to move around safely in the warehouse without any adverse effects […]

The Benefits and Applications of LED Flat Panel Lights

office flat panel lights

There are various reasons why people use lighting or, more specifically, LED flat Panels. They are somewhat very efficient and consume less energy – an obvious benefit in the year 2021. Using good lighting for your retail or commercial stores can be very beneficial for you. When considering which fixtures to install, LED flat panel lights […]

Upgrading Fluorescent Troffer to LED (Retrofitting)

An electric lamp is placed in an open-air building. Rains, sunlight and heat erode the lamp rail but not the fluorescent bulb. This lamp is not in a good condition, but still functioning.

Over time, the world has moved from the use of traditional fluorescent Troffers to the use of LED lighting. Most buildings ranging from homes, office buildings, retail stores, and even private rooms have evolved from Fluorescent Troffers to LED lighting. You are probably thinking of ways to switch from fluorescent to LED lightings, and you are not […]