The Ultimate LED Flood Lights Buying Guide

flood light mounted on pole

There is increasing consumer demand for energy-efficient lighting systems around the world. This demand is driving the popularity of indoor and outdoor commercial LED lighting. Traditional outdoor lighting systems are seen as outdated, inefficient, and pricey, so people are turning to LED flood lights. These are fast becoming everyone’s choice in outdoor lighting for various reasons. […]

What Is Beam Spread in Lighting? A Guide to Beam Spread and NEMA Types

Is it time to update your exterior lighting? The latest trends and technology in exterior light design have made great advancements over the years. For safety, curb appeal, and nighttime visibility, it may be time to invest in new exterior lighting for your home. Beautiful and effective exterior lighting is attainable through a combination of […]

​How to Design the Best Landscape Lighting for Your Home

Most people love the outdoors and spending time in their garden. However, if you want to enjoy your yard when it gets dark, investing in landscape lighting is a must! Not only will it add beauty to any outdoor space, but it also adds security to protect your home. While it’s clear that it’s essential to add […]

Things to Consider Using Low-Voltage Garden Lighting

A dimly lit or dark outdoor garden or landscape is an opportunity to elevate the aesthetic and ambiance of your home. You’ve invested a lot of time into your house with DIY projects, so why wouldn’t you brighten your garden fountains and flower beds, pathways, and trees? If you want to show off even after the sun sets, DIY landscape lighting is […]

Line Voltage vs. Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low voltage panoramic landscape lighting with line voltage illuminates the great architectural essentials of the house, exercising towards precious trees and making attractive ingredients. It also enhances the home’s elegance after the sun goes out and provides some radiance outside the door. It has also emerged as a vital section of our home, emphasizing the safety of […]

How To: Commercial Lighting for Restaurants

A study at Cornell University showed that 16-24% of diners stay and buy food more in well-lit places. Set this example picture on your mind, you are hanging out with friends and you hit the bar in a hangout chill gathering. You’ll probably end up choosing a place that has warm temperature lighting. This happens because […]

Getting the Most with Garden Lighting

If you have decided to lighten up your garden, it’s a great idea. At least this helps to achieve two goals which are security and beautification. All hands must be on deck to achieve these goals, and you need to make the most of your garden lighting. Getting the most out of your garden lighting is […]