13 Low-Cost Ways to Upgrade Fluorescent Light Fixtures to LED

A fluorescent light set in the roof

The use of fluorescent lights has fallen by over 50% since 2015. As technological advances in lighting lead to more efficient light sources, finding ways to upgrade fixtures becomes more important. Fluorescent light fixtures are a popular choice for many commercial properties and residential buildings, but they can often look outdated and dull. Upgrading your fluorescent […]

What Are Lumens in Lighting?

small light bulb pointing sideways

How can you change the feel of a room in a second? With the right lighting. A bright, cheerful light can make a room feel happy and inviting. While a softer, more subdued light can make a room feel calm and relaxing. But before you can buy the perfect light bulbs, you’ll need to learn […]

The Different Kinds of Light Bulbs Explained

set of Light Bulb LED CFL Fluorescent isolated on white background

LED, CFL, HID—finding the best light bulbs online for a building or room isn’t always easy with so many options. Plus, you have to consider the difference between lumens and watts, the color temperature, whether you want regular bulbs or smart technology, and so on. Lighting is crucial to both increasing the functionality of an […]

3 Fundamental Types of Grow Lights Used for Indoor Urban Farming

While it is true that most farmers still cultivate plants in their backyards and in open spaces, a larger percentage of the world population now practices urban farming. There is barely any farmland or vegetation to practice open space farming today as there are mass buildings and houses everywhere, especially in the urban regions. Urban […]

What is the History of Fluorescent Lighting?

used fluorescent bulbs

The use of fluorescent light began to emerge as soon as people started to understand the advantages and the fact that it was an upgraded version of the traditional bulb. Fluorescent Lighting is a continuous work in progress from the 1890s to date. It has evolved from different levels following the scientific discoveries per time. […]

Pros and Cons of Fluorescent Lighting

Lighting for any space can be in a variety of forms. Fluorescent lighting is a type of lighting that is known for its energy-saving tendencies. It depends on a chemical reaction between gases and Mercury vapor within a glass tube to produce an invisible UV light, illuminating phosphor power to emit or have the White fluorescent […]

Upgrading Fluorescent Troffer to LED (Retrofitting)

An electric lamp is placed in an open-air building. Rains, sunlight and heat erode the lamp rail but not the fluorescent bulb. This lamp is not in a good condition, but still functioning.

Over time, the world has moved from the use of traditional fluorescent Troffers to the use of LED lighting. Most buildings ranging from homes, office buildings, retail stores, and even private rooms have evolved from Fluorescent Troffers to LED lighting. You are probably thinking of ways to switch from fluorescent to LED lightings, and you are not […]

LED vs. Fluorescent Tube Lighting – The Differences

LED Tube Lighting Vs. Fluorescent It is not easy for you to distinguish between a LED and Fluorescent tube light unless you are an expert or common consumer within the lighting industry. Choosing the best type of lighting may require you to check out your options and peruse their distinctive features. Both LED and Fluorescent technologies come in linear […]