Differences Between Edge-Lit and Backlit Flat Panel Lights

LCDs need to be supported by additional lights because they don’t produce their light. To create this light, you can either use edge-lit LEDs or backlit LEDs. The primary difference between edge-lit and backlit LEDs is in the lighting is arranged. The light sources of Edge-lit displays are placed on a diffuser (usually thin) behind the LCD to […]

The Benefits of LED Flat Panel Lighting

Stylish new board room with table chairs and LCD display.

Lighting is vital in both commercial and residential areas. Both the buildings and environs are expected to be well lit. In recent times, there has been a shift in the type of light being used. This piece aims to examine the reasons behind the change. If you are thinking of following suit, this piece will […]

The Benefits and Applications of LED Flat Panel Lights

office flat panel lights

There are various reasons why people use lighting or, more specifically, LED flat Panels. They are somewhat very efficient and consume less energy – an obvious benefit in the year 2021. Using good lighting for your retail or commercial stores can be very beneficial for you. When considering which fixtures to install, LED flat panel lights […]

A Beginner’s Guide to LED Flat Panel Lighting

The purpose of illuminating a place can be functional or decorative. If you have ever light up a home for any reason, you have carried out lighting. Lighting helps bring ambiance and makes a commercial space more vibrant with light. Lighting has always existed since time immemorial in the form of sunlight. Panel Lighting is flat sheets […]

LED Panels vs. Troffer Lights Explained

The similarities and differences between troffer and flat panel light fixtures What is a Troffer light fixture? A troffer light fixture is a type of recessed lighting that is commonly used in commercial and office spaces. It is a rectangular-shaped light that is installed in the ceiling and typically used to illuminate a specific area […]

Which LED Flat Panel Lights can Replace Troffer Fixtures?

With the move from light Troffers and traditional light panels to the newly developed LED panel lights, it can be a handful to decide which LED panel is best for you. From these many options, knowing the best type of LED flat panel light, which fits in your space, is possible, but only by looking into the various types […]