How to Determine Bathroom Vanity Light Sizes

white cone bathroom vanity lights

The average person spends around 30 minutes each morning getting ready for the day, making adequate lighting in the bathroom essential. There’s nothing more frustrating than squinting while you’re attempting to apply mascara or fix your hair because you don’t have enough lighting above your vanity. Get your morning off to the right start with a […]

How to Properly Light Every Room in Your Home

Lighting your home or residence in a rational, decorative, and pleasant way is the best you can do to enjoy your own space to the fullest. And that’s because decorating is much more than filling a space with furniture and accessories. It’s learning how to play with color, illuminate environments and adapt each element to […]

Lighting Advice for DIY or Home Improvement Projects

Who doesn’t like a good DIY project? Not only is it a fun way to spruce up your household, but it can also save you some money. So how do I find the best lights? Look no further than to help guide your purchasing decision in the most efficient, cost-effective direction! Below, our lighting experts outline […]