Two men sailing small boat
Electrical Supplies

Most Common Marine and Boat Hardware Parts

100 million US citizens go boating every year. If you want to join them by purchasing a boat, you should make sure that you understand everything

steel threaded cable with pipe threads showing on end
Commercial Lighting

Pipe Thread Standards Explained

Knowing the basics of pipe thread standards can save you considerable amounts of money. Plumbers can charge upwards of $200 per hour or more for their services.

undercabinet lights above kitchen counter
DIY Lighting

Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting

Picture this: you’ve just renovated your home, perhaps with new cabinetry and brand-new countertops. That’s good and well, but it all goes to waste if

boat navigating waters
Commercial Lighting

The Best GPS Marine Products of 2023

Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites keep you on track, whether you are a novice sailor or a seasoned specialist. Newer devices have become increasingly sophisticated

close up on pile of brass pipe fittings
Commercial Lighting

Bronze vs Brass: What Is the Difference?

We live in an age of convenience. If you need lighting fixtures, plumbing supplies, or other household materials, it’s easy to find them. Still, perhaps

LED wall packs on side of office building at night
Commercial Lighting

What are Wall Packs & Where are They Used?

By 2024 the LED lighting market is estimated to be worth roughly $112 billion. With such a rapidly growing market, how efficient are exterior lights? Many people

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