Light Fixtures & Mounts:

Light Fixtures & Mounts:

Different light bulbs typically require different mounting types.

Pendant Mount:

Pendant mounts are fixtures that hang from the ceiling and are suspended by a device, whether that be a pipe, conduit, metal pole, cable or chain. These kinds of lighting components allow light to be directed right below the light source.

Chain Mount:

Early on, chain mounts were used to ease the tension on electric cords. Their visual appeals have actually transitioned them into contemporary fixtures providing a much more commercial appearance.

Wall Mount:

Wall-mounted lights are installed straight to a wall surface. This kind includes sconces, diffuses, and also vanity lights. They can be used for most lighting techniques, especially ambient, indirect, task, and also unique functions.

Ceiling Mount:

Ceiling lights can be divided into two groups: flush mounted and semi-flush mounted. A flush installed light fixture does not have a space in between the fixture itself and the ceiling. A semi-flush mounted lighting fixture, nonetheless, has a small space between the lighting fixture as well as the ceiling. Semi-flush lights are comparable to pendant lights, yet they do not hang as low as pendant lights. These 2 kinds of ceiling mounts are excellent for places with low ceilings as they use up little room.

Pole Mount:

Lots of lighting fixtures, specifically high electrical power fixtures used to light sports fields as well as highways, are placed on steel poles.

Trunnion Mount:

A trunnion is a cylindrical protrusion used as a mounting or pivoting point. It is one of the best and strongest mounting systems available as it is a single gimbal mount and therefore self aligning in one axis. 

Yoke Mount:

When using lighting fixtures with a yoke mount, these tenon mounts allow for basic mounting to conventional sized tenons.

Slip Fitter:

Slip fitter is for a rounded light pole tenon mounting bracket for a single light fixture. The Slip Fit Mount or Slipfitter LED Parking lot light is one of the most popular since it is one of the most flexible mounts. It can be utilized in a variety of ways.

Post Top mount:

Post top mounts are the crowning function of any kind of outdoor landscape or streetscape. When included in a park or walkway, post top lights light up landscape components as well as improve safety and security by giving an uniform ambient light that boost visibility for pedestrians. Post top lights can boost an overall outside design. Post top lights are ideal for streetscapes, parks, green rooms, schools, as well as public areas.

The ballast factor is the fraction of the light that will be given off from a light when making use of that certain ballast. A ballast’s ballast factor can range from 0.70 to 1.20.

Low ballast factor ballasts use less power than normal or high ballast factor ballasts, hence they may be used where lower energy costs are the goal of a lighting retrofit.


DOB, Driver on Board, or Driverless, commonly described as eliminating the light, however, it doesn’t indicate a LED has no source of light, it’s simply a new drive setting that varies from the traditional Power IC. An LED driver is a self contained power supply which regulates the power needed for an LED or selection of LEDs. The light emitting diodes are low energy, lighting devices with a lengthy life-span and also low energy consumption, thus the demand for specialized power supplies.


ELV dimmers are typically very compatible with LED loads, using smoother dimming to reduced degrees. 0-10V: 0-10V dimming is frequently utilized for commercial fluorescent as well as LED installments as well as is among the simplest and earliest industrial dimming techniques.


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