How to Calculate Amperage When Planning A Lighting Installation Project

Are you planning a new lighting installation project? Before you get started, it’s essential that you know how to calculate amperage. This will help you determine if the wires and lighting fixtures you plan on using can handle the amount of current your installation will need. If you have a higher amperage than your wiring […]

Wattage and Brightness: Important Factors When Buying a Light Bulb

Are your lightbulbs performing as they should? In recent years there has been a huge leap in light bulb design and energy efficiency. We’ve seen newer types hit the market like halogen, LEDs, and CFLs. They use less energy and last longer, saving you money in the long run. But with so many options out […]

What Is Human-Centric Lighting?

Have you heard the buzz around human-centric lighting? Most lighting professionals know about the hype about human-centric lighting, or HCL. But what is it, exactly? And, what does lighting have to do with our health? Some people think of it as a young technology because so much about how it affects human health is still […]

A Guide To Industrial Warehouse Lighting

Adequate warehouse lighting is a critical aspect of any type of warehouse. A warehouse that is too dark is dangerous and it can cause accidents. A warehouse that has too much light can be a problem as well. Both people and equipment need to be able to move around safely in the warehouse without any adverse effects […]

5 Things To know About LED Pool Lighting

Summer is coming and before you know it, it’ll be here soon. According to the US Census Bureau and CDC, one of the activity preferred by kids and teens is swimming. And one way to do that is in pools, in fact we really love pools and have them in our homes or visit someone that has […]

What Are the Differences between Emergency Lights and Exit Signs?

Lighting plays an important part throughout our lives —enhancing the atmosphere of a home or storefront, acting as the centerpiece of a room’s design, and even serving as a guide during emergency situations. In fact, emergency and exit lights are an essential —yet often overlooked— type of lighting that is in nearly every building we occupy; businesses, […]

How Do Grow Tents Work? Grow Tents Explained

Growing tents are your best and simplified alternatives when you are looking for an ideal environment to grow or recreate your crops, such as fruits and vegetables, regularly and year-round under your very own conditions irrespective of the climate or the seasons. Grow tents allows for a cleaner atmospheric condition in a more ideal and organized […]

​Are Ultraviolet Sanitizing Lights Safe for Humans?

Ultraviolet Sanitizing Lights became urgent and needful due to the novel COVID-19 Coronavirus breakout worldwide in 2020. In order to prevent the spread of the novel virus and other viruses, organizations began to install Ultraviolet Sanitizing Lights. While this initiative was a welcome idea and applauded by all as it is observed to be effective […]

7 Reasons to Use a Grow Tent

When you have an indoor plant growing project, it can be both fun and a nightmare amidst the myriad of decisions to make. An important decision to make is the use of grow tent. If you are yet to think in that direction, here are seven reasons you should use a grow tent; One of […]