Broken Lights: How to Troubleshoot LED Strip Lights

Are you experiencing setback after setback with your LED strip lights? Do you find yourself becoming more and more frustrated with their flickering? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about fixing broken lights. Since there are many things that can go wrong with lights, you’ll have to perform a bit of […]

Lights for Homemade Photography Studios

A few days ago I was in the attic searching for some stuff and I stumbled with my old camera. At that moment I came up with an idea: to create a little studio in my house. A lot of time you’d like to have better quality photos or video, but you don’t have the […]

4 Perfect Lights for a House Party Lighting Ideas and Where to Buy

Big Family Garden Party Celebration, Gathered Together at the Table Family, Friends and Children. People are Drinking, Passing Dishes, Joking and Having Fun. Kids Run Around Table.

Lights are an important element at creating the mood for a party. Many light bulb options and lighting effects can make your party something unforgettable. In this post we are going to talk about how key is the illumination in a reunion. The magic touch you give is everything and the effect you want to show everyone […]

What are Anti-Glare LED Lights?

A large open plan office space with a wooden floor and decorative ceiling. Full height windows run along the full length of the office space.

Anti-glare LED lighting is a revolutionary lighting technology that decreases the reflective strength of a lighting fixture. Glare-free lighting reduces the discomfort that comes from using bright light but doesn’t compromise on the brightness itself. Exposure to too much glare can negatively impact our eyes, especially long-term exposure. Therefore, taking active steps to install glare-free […]

Summer Savings with LED Lighting

With a worldwide population of around 7.4 billion people, you can only imagine how much energy we consume. To quantify it, we use BTUs to measure how much energy we produce. A BTU roughly equates to the amount of energy released when a single match is lit. According to Inside Energy, we produce 78 million BTU […]

Things to Consider Using Low-Voltage Garden Lighting

A dimly lit or dark outdoor garden or landscape is an opportunity to elevate the aesthetic and ambiance of your home. You’ve invested a lot of time into your house with DIY projects, so why wouldn’t you brighten your garden fountains and flower beds, pathways, and trees? If you want to show off even after the sun sets, DIY landscape lighting is […]

Differences Between Edge-Lit and Backlit Flat Panel Lights

LCDs need to be supported by additional lights because they don’t produce their light. To create this light, you can either use edge-lit LEDs or backlit LEDs. The primary difference between edge-lit and backlit LEDs is in the lighting is arranged. The light sources of Edge-lit displays are placed on a diffuser (usually thin) behind the LCD to […]

How To Use Strip Lights For Your Bedroom

An essential part of your bedroom’s design is lighting, not only to add a mood and feel but also to help you function better. Strip lights are excellent choices of residential lighting as they allow for an easy and flexible way of lighting your home, including your bedroom. With these strips, you can dim then turn on […]

Flat Panel Light Applications – Commercial, Retail Stores & Offices

Your retail and office space can significantly benefit from using the best panel light for aesthetic or functional purposes. Since your office space is a commercial place that brings you income, finding the best-LED panel light that fits in for your customers or visitors is right. Making the right choice on the type of light […]

Grow Light Options for Indoor Plants and Indoor Gardening

Choosing a grow light for your indoor plants and indoor gardening is a decision that is worth thinking through properly. So, in this piece, you will be reading a guide to help you maximize that thought process to end up with a good choice for your indoor planting need. Below are the variables worth considering. You will […]